Initially designed as a physical installation piece using 25 light up RGB arcade buttons, this digital prototype of Sequence explores the limits of instructions in games. 

Other than the title 'Sequence' there is no information or guidance provided to the player for what they should do or what will happen, the game will only respond to the player. 

The information required to play the game is provided through feedback alone, and this is again limited by what would be possible with the desired 25 RGB arcade buttons. This is why there is no mouseover animation, nor sound.

It is through the colour, timings and flashing patterns provided upon players pressing a button that they must determine what to do in order to progress, when they are progressing and when they have completed the game.


This is part of a series of games exploring communication between the game and the player. The other games in the series are: which looks at visually guiding the player. which looks at teaching systems and tutorialisation in games. 



26 June 2019: 

  • Some minor tweaks to animation speeds.
  • Game play improvements.


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Great game and very challenging!

Eventually you get to memorise the patterns and it gets much easier.

Took me a while to realize the basis for the patterns changes: blue and purple levels are simple visual patterns, the yellow levels are mathematical patterns. I felt clever once I realized that on the prime number pattern.

I went to yellow level and had to stop. It's super nice.

Thanks for trying it out.

This is pretty nice. Even if it is simplistic, it is hard, and requires a lot of pattern recognition. My highscore was three rows up. I give this an score of good/10.