Lessons explores the idea of teaching systems and tutorialisation in games. 

What initially is a complex set of rules, systems and interactions is revealed to the player step by step.

There is no text guidance provided through play, each of the 20 levels provides further context for how everything works.


This is part of a series of games exploring communication between the game and the player. The other games in the series are:

https://dr-d-king.itch.io/sequence which looks at feedback without guidance.

https://dr-d-king.itch.io/telegraph which looks at visually guiding the player.

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AuthorDavid King Made Some Games
Made withUnity


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i loved the part at the end when i thought i got it all, and then i realized that the start button is a large bright triangle


This is great! Excellent job pacing things so that my level of engagement was maintained while the challenge ramped up steadily.


Oh my god!

I have never seen a game that takes you on a journey to learn how to beat the title screen.


Fun and very intuitive. Played it twice and realized that the rules are revealed in the same order as their precedence (size>shade>shape). Also the sequence is never left to right, preventing me as a player from haphazardly solving it and moving on without having understood the rule.


Well spotted on the rules and systems. Thanks for trying out the games.