Play cooperatively or alone, using the arrow keys and the mouse.

Create music and stay on the road.

Listen to the sounds.


This game uses the generative methods used in Music Mouse created by Laurie Spiegel to create it's soundtrack. You can play an online version of Music Mouse recreated by Tero Parviainen which has a much richer musical experience than I was able to create.

I took the idea and developed it into a generative tool for creating the landscape you drive through, the pitch of the notes changes the width and position of the road and the placement of the trees. Simultaneously, a car is driven along the road, should the car leave the road the music will become severally out of tune and the visuals will shake.

The recordings of the piano notes are from TEDAgame.

 The font used is Lexend Tera


This project is one in a small series of games exploring generative music and games.

You can also play Games for Airports  which is inspired by a Brian Eno track.

You can also play Clapping Music Game  which is inspired by a Steve Reich composition.


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Wow! it is a pretty interesting concept.

This is weird, thanks