Play using WASD or the Arrow Keys,

avoid the lasers, collect the gems, 

listen to the sounds.


This game is a sort of cover of the generative track 2/1 from Ambient 1: Music for Airports by Brian Eno, you can read more about that album from it wikipedia page here. Rather than covering the music directly, I used similar methods to generate the noises and then used those same methods to create the game space that the game takes place in. When tones are made, lines are created across the space for the player to avoid.

I first learnt about how this music was generated whilst looking at this fantastic website by Tero Parviainen. The site explains some different ways generative music is created. I then looked deeper into Brian Eno's album from and article on Reverb Machine

From these sources got the tones used and the relative size of the tape loops, or the wheels in my game from this information. As there were seven tones used, I tried to keep the theme of seven going through the game. In addition the loops and circles in some ways represent both a vinyl record spin on a player, and the loops of tapes.

To create the tones I used in combination with information from

The font used is Montserrat.


This project is one in a small series of games exploring generative music and games.

You can also play Clapping Music Game  which is inspired by a Steve Reich composition.

You can also play Music Mouse Game which is inspired by Laurie Spiegel.

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AuthorDavid King Made Some Games
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TagsFlight, generative, Music


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Love it!

 I was trying to avoid the grey line orbiting in the same level as the gem initially think that is the laser 😅

I liked the sound it made when I did bad and I thought by doing bad I was doing good, until I died, the game.