A playable cover of Steve Reich's Clapping Music

For the best experience use headphones.

Arrow keys to move.


This game is a playful cover of Steve Reich's Clapping Music. It's a pieces of music for two people, where the rhythm played by one is cycled creating phases in the music. Where claps are played in the game, pulses are sent into the game space. The player must move up and down the screen avoiding the pulses in a similar way to Frogger or Crossy Road

You can choose between playing the original music for Clapping Music or a procedurally  generated sequence of claps.

The font used is Montserrat.

The clapping sound is from Synthnisse specifically  claps.wav


This project is one in a small series of games exploring generative music and games.

You can also play Games for Airports  which is inspired by a Brian Eno track.

You can also play Music Mouse Game which is inspired by Laurie Spiegel.


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Awesome! Really liked how theres a third rhythm created by my own movement, and its a ludic one instead of an audio one. Have you been looking at David Kanaga’s thoughts on games and music, there is a lot of inspiration to draw from him!

Thanks for the recommendation, I've seen some things from David Kanaga but a more detailed look is required.

this game is very creative and I love it please make more games like this