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Very good game, very simple idea, graphics and maps but very addicitive and entertaining system. Nice and very recommended for strategy games lovers.


merry Christmas yall. marks three years of me doing the daily with my morning breakfast


Christmas in the tiny islands!  It's snowing at the beach.  The best of both worlds?  

I play this game multiple times a day, it's INCREDIBLE. Is there any chance you're thinking of adding some sort of "sandbox" mode where you can just make your own islands to see how many points they would get? It'd be rather pointless, but super fun to play around with.


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not funny didint laugh

54 nice

first try i got 17

this is literally so cool


Make this game downloadable...PLEASE!



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Haven't looked at other people's scores, no idea if this is incredible or terrible or average.

EDIT: Looks like 50 is literally the lowest score in the comment section. So, not great.

Best one so far! 

my highest one so far :)




When you want to compare the resultsof your daily run or chat about 'Tiny Island' with other addicted players, feel free to join our small community :

(it would be a joy if this invitation is added to the general discription of the game, otherwise i will post this invitation in the comments from time to time)

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Very nice Place´em up, I finally got above 70, nice challenge!

My first 60-pointer. Loving this simple-but-elegant game.

Nice! I don't think I'm beating that =p

i found a case where i cant put my third island

Somehow, the more I play the worse I get at this game.

That made me feel better about my scores (':


A monastery island

first run how good did i do?   my score was 34

Simple, yet so addicting. Love the concept!


That's such a simple but brilliantly effective game. Nice work!


I think my third or fourth game. Score 64 getting better each time :)

Very calming, been playing almost daily now...
Would love a flip&write PNP version to play with my family and friends!

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5*. Calming! My best score was 75, back in 2020.

like this its a fun and simple chill game


Awww yeah, happy with this one! ^_^

Great game, if a bit too addictive!


Hello, I love the game and always wanted to play in on mobile.

We finally made an Android version. It also has an additional feature - Mill.

Thanks again for inspiration!


I'm unpleased that it only have 100+ downloads D:<

download that if u wanna play on android people


i freaking love this game, forgot the name of it for a while but so glad i found it again! very entertaining and i like competing with my friends for best score haha


Love all those different possible interactions between different tiles and uncertainty on which tile set you get next. If only the map was a little bigger...


awesome game but I also would want bigger map scales and longer/endles mode


Love this game! Def would recommend bigger map scales and longer games/endless mode! Maybe that's just me wanting to play longer lololol


Great game. Are there any development plans for mobile?

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Was this inspired by Cartographers? Very similar feel - and that's not a bad thing at all!

Scored a 50 my first time through, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


It was definitely influenced by roll-and-writes and flip-and-writes in general but I hadn't seen Cartographers when I first released it, I think Cartographers may have come out the same year.  I recently got a copy to compare, but haven't got round to playing it yet. Glad you enjoyed it.

Oh yes, I saw that it was the same year - so I doubted myself after I wrote that.

Since you haven't gotten around to it yet - my one recommendation for Cartographers is to play with coloured pencils to fill in the spaces. 100% a better scoring and gameplay experience in my books.


Best score ever! :D

Well, MY best score ever ...

Finally broke 70 on a daily! :D

Wonderful game, I love it!

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