****  Hold the spacebar or the mouse button to speed up the scoring phase! ****

Tiny Islands is a digital roll-&-write game that uses cards instead of dice for generating the random items you get to draw.

Turn the cards over and pick what and where you want to draw the items to create your own islands.

Mouse over the images on the cards to get a reminder of how each feature works.

Share a picture of your tiny islands along with your score with #MyTinyIslands and compare with other players.

Coverage and Mentions of Tiny Islands: 

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Bonte Games: https://www.bontegames.com/2019/11/tiny-islands-browser.html

Welcome Collection: How to Play in Secret: https://wellcomecollection.org/articles/XeEGrREAACEAte8K

Unwinnable Present: Unmissable: http://unmissable.libsyn.com/unmissable-17

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Events showing Tiny Islands

Goldsmith's Games Library Night - 21 Feb 2020 https://www.gold.ac.uk/calendar/?id=13196

Games Inspired by Tiny Islands: 


Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(910 total ratings)
AuthorDavid King Made Some Games
GenreCard Game, Puzzle, Strategy
Made withUnity
Tagsisland, map


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Trees are OP

I love this game so much, but i have a question: have you tried to create the board game (probably PnP version) from it?


Hmmm, this seems like a bug...No way to end the game...

There either needs to be a check for this at the end or a way to exit without a third island.


You can draw islands "inside" islands creating "lakes", it's not universal solution, but you coud draw two of them - one on the top island, near the church and mountain, and one on the bottom island, between mountain and house.

But you certainly drawn yourself a pickle, nice job

(1 edit)

Hi, I am very interested in this game and I want to show it in a game showcase I am going to curate on Jan 5th at Wonderville NYC! The show is named "Elemental Chaos" and I would like to take a lot of photos and send them to you after!

Please let me know if you would be comfortable showing your game. Thank you very much.

Sorry for the slow response. Sure you can show it at your event. 

(1 edit) (+1)

nice game!! my highest score is 64 so far :)
edit: got 69, nice

49 first try

(2 edits)

clocking in my high scores here: 

11/10/23 - 59

11/23/23 - 60 !!

11/24/23 - 64 !!!

Cute, fun and easy to get the hang of it. Love this game!


editing this every time I come back here! :)

Day 1 (18/9/23): 52


SImple and addictive! Got a 68 after a few tries. Please consider expanding this somehow, I think it has a lot of potential!

This game is super cute and fun! The rules feel like a lot to absorb at first, but after I absorbed them it was super easy to just keep doing one game after another.

Got 50 this time!

Love this game!
Finally broke 61 pts.


Make this game downloadable.


Love this game!

Love this game, though I think there's a bug. It's hard for me to draw something or draw a line on the top right corner, especially on the 2nd box from the top.


Finally broke 60.


This is really fun once you get the hang of it! 
its very calming to play, and a very clean design

43 first try

yes it is played, yes it is awesome, yes it is relaxing

thank you




Beat my own best score.  Didn't realise I was on such a good one till it tallied up!


Great concept and incredibly addictive. Would love to see some sound effects/ambience added in the future


I already made a comment about this game but I am addicted 

Love this game!! I wish the creator would build upon it and make different versions like a farm or city.  Even expand the grid.

This is great! I'll definitely be sharing my creations on social media going forward, but this was fantastic to try out for the first time just now! I'm equal parts video gamer and tabletop gamer, and this is the perfect marriage of the two. 

I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for whatever you make in the future :D

- ✨Beth


merry Christmas yall. marks three years of me doing the daily with my morning breakfast


Christmas in the tiny islands!  It's snowing at the beach.  The best of both worlds?  

how did you get a hole in your island?

If you decide that you won't need all three islands, you can use one of your borders to make a lake.  Can be quite useful!

I play this game multiple times a day, it's INCREDIBLE. Is there any chance you're thinking of adding some sort of "sandbox" mode where you can just make your own islands to see how many points they would get? It'd be rather pointless, but super fun to play around with.


(1 edit) (-4)

not funny didint laugh

54 nice

first try i got 17

this is literally so cool


Make this game downloadable...PLEASE!



(1 edit)

Haven't looked at other people's scores, no idea if this is incredible or terrible or average.

EDIT: Looks like 50 is literally the lowest score in the comment section. So, not great.


Best one so far! 

my highest one so far :)




When you want to compare the resultsof your daily run or chat about 'Tiny Island' with other addicted players, feel free to join our small community : https://discord.gg/uqVZtbetNv

(it would be a joy if this invitation is added to the general discription of the game, otherwise i will post this invitation in the comments from time to time)

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