****  Hold the spacebar or the mouse button to speed up the scoring phase! ****

Tiny Islands is a digital roll-&-write game that uses cards instead of dice for generating the random items you get to draw.

Turn the cards over and pick what and where you want to draw the items to create your own islands.

Mouse over the images on the cards to get a reminder of how each feature works.

Share a picture of your tiny islands along with your score with #MyTinyIslands and compare with other players.

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Events showing Tiny Islands

Goldsmith's Games Library Night - 21 Feb 2020 https://www.gold.ac.uk/calendar/?id=13196


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I would play this all day if it was on iOS. But as is, I can still manage to play it half the day.

Pretty fun, this was my second score.

I wish this was downloadable. B^(


Third time with this! Cannot seem to break my high score on the daily shuffle! 

My current high-score!

How much can you get with an island-in-a-lake-on-an-island?


I tried something different...

Actually made me chuckle.


These mountainous forests. That's a new personal high score

First try on the daily shuffle (17.4.) I certainly never had 12 Points with boats


Best score I've ever seen. Houses are underrated. 

Oh wow!

88 is the highest score I've seen on Twitter. It was also basically done with houses and mountains. Houses really are underrated.

new high score! cant wait to break it 

My new high score! Just getting started! :)

So yeah... Mountain strats seem to work extremely well xD

Finally cracked 70! Brilliant game.

Woohoo! Such a simple and charming game, got myself and 3 others hooked ;)

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

I think one word is enough to describe:


Though, I would like to hear some audio as a reaction or music.

My first game. I love it!

I don't know why but I like it.

omg i got 0pts i'm so good



Beautifully designed.

Would the dev be willing to kindly provide desktop downloads to allow for offline  play as well (as I see this was made in unity)? Cheers 

Lots of fun! needs music.

Good fun to play! I need to get my scores in order, I didn't have a good showing in my first play.

Liked and Subbed!

Great game, congrats !

I like this game a lot! Very fun to play :) Thank you for making it!

My best score was 75. Lovely little game, many thanks!

26 from mountains wow

best is 49


now its 51

My first game was so stressful but I'm surprised how thing seems to work out at the end. 

Don't make me rely on a computer ever again, but you made a good game.

Very cool! The aesthetic reminds me of Tiny Paper Dungeons on Kickstarter.

This is very addictive. I'm hoping it will also be available as a print and play game someday, so that I can play it away from my computer as well! I love roll/flip & write games.

Lovely game, all the scoring feels intuitive, except for one tile: the beach. I've accidently put beaches on land far to often. Feel like beaches should work the other way around, being put on land, and gaining +1 per side touching the sea. Would encourage the player to put them in peninsulas, instead of having beaches in the middle of an island.


I've only played the game a few times and it's a fun concept. Just in the process of trying to nail some form of strategy. I notice I am starting to fall into a tendency to prepare for boats and beaches. What do y'all think of boats? Worth the concern or should they just be an afterthought?

(1 edit) (+1)

Boats fall into the "nice if it happens" category for me, you can plan a bit for them because it's not really that hard to do, but I tend to focus on making each individual island compat and have good coastal points and space for forests/mountains


Yeah from what I'm seeing in the screenshots, plump forest/mountain combos most reliably get hefty scores. I'll see if I can get boats to work in the next few goes, if not I'll just abandon them cus they seem wishy washy.


Today was quite boat friendly turns out haha. But any more than 2 boats seems hopeful. Unless the islands are real tiny or a single island with lakes. Keen to try a truly ocean heavy build next, waterworld style!

This game no longer loads properly for me, not sure what happened? It loads the Unity screen and the load bar gets about 90% full then stops. Besides that...one of my favorite games I played in 2020. SO fun, perfect level of strategy, I hope to play it again once I figure out what's wrong!

Thanks for letting me know. I just tried it, didn't work the first few times, but then eventually did. Let me know if it's working for you.

hey thanks for responding! Still the same issue, tried starting it several times but it gets stuck on that loading screen. I tried it on my old PC and was having this issue for a while, and now I'm on a new PC and have the same issue. Maybe I need to update something?

That's frustrating. I'm not sure what could be causing it.  Which browser are you using? Have you tried using different browsers?

Here is where I show my total lech of tech skills...I just have it installed in the itch app and am hitting launch in the app? Is there another way to play it? It launches in whatever itch's game launch thing is?

 It should be playable just in browser, no need to download or use the app.  https://dr-d-king.itch.io/tiny-islands Hope that works for you.

Working fine for me off the bat, today at least.


The snow is a nice touch, but was it intended to rise upwards? 
Happy holidays!


Well... that's unexpected. Will see what I can do.

This should totally be a board game, like Railroad Ink. I would buy it instantly!


I've played this game an unhealthy amount. Absolutely love it!

The random cards will every now and then give me two cards of the same composition though, like for instance 2 waves both to be placed somewhere in column 3. I'd love an update that addresses that.

Speaking of the waves, I also think the way they're scored could perhaps be a little more interesting. The only way to get more mileage out of them is from houses, but other than that the scoring on them is somewhat flat.


Have you thought about porting this to mobile?

I literally just wanted to ask that. But this game is 1 year old so...


I'm slowly reworking the game to upgrade it a bit, not sure how long it's going to take but I'm hoping to get it out there in different formats.


Very exciting news! A discord I'm on has been comparing dailies daily for months now!


That's really nice to hear, glad you're enjoying it.

A board game ???


If I can find a publisher to work with and a suitable deal, I'd like that.


#MyTinyIslands  Not much but it's honest work.

Holy Heck 28 point for mountains! I somehow got this without even trying for a big tree and mountain thing. Plus I did it with a church that does nothing! This game is so satisfying.


These are some very nice tiny islands


i was proud of my 46 馃槀 馃槄

For some reason all of my best scores have the 1 square island lol

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