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A light-hearted story telling game for two or more.

In an unknown building in an unremarkable town the headquarters of a shadow organisation exist, known only as The Council. The people in this office control the World’s politics, economics and social landscape for a purpose far greater than themselves. Within those walls remarkable people make important decisions everyday.

Then there is Section F, your department of misfits and layabouts, too lazy and foolish to climb their way up the ranks. You are given the menial dross to work through, the cases that no one else wants. These tasks have such low importance that hopefully not even you could fail them.

Today, just like every day, you will sit down and have meeting to plan a mission for one of The Council’s field agents.

The Council: Section F is a lighthearted table top story telling game for two or more players. You play as low level office workers in a secret society.  You'll have meetings to plan operations of almost no significance, and then see how successful a field agent is at completing your plans.


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