Follow the instructions to restore the sprite.

  • Use the Spacebar and Arrow Keys
  • "R" to reset the game.

An experiment in the act of following instructions without challenge or difficulty.

Sprites: Pixeltier's 8x8 RPG Pack
Font: Daniel Linssen's m5x7 

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorDavid King Made Some Games
Made withUnity


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While I was playing this I thought about how could challenge be added to it. Seems like the simplest ways (in theory, maybe not implementation) would be add a timer or multiplayer, and imply that players are racing, would probably be at home in a Mario Party.

Even then, with the multiplayer, it doesn't need to be overtly competitive, players could work together with one of them following the instructions, while others search for faster paths. I don't know if the instructions now give the optimal path, but would be fun for a group to explore that together.

Anyway, neat game!

Instruction unclear. arrow keys and spacebar are stuck on making goblins


I completely ignored the experiment purpose and the instructions given.

What I enjoy about puzzle games is discovering rules that emerge from the internal mechanics. Mastering those rules feels like learning "the language" of the puzzle. Once you speak "the language" you can solve them much faster.

Based on solely the increase or decrease of correct pixels indicator in the top left, I was able to solve the "bat" in 14:26  (stopwatch)

It goes against the idea of the experiment, but if you include level numbers, it would help me boast about my competitive puzzle skills :)

This is what I call "bat", the original shape was different, but it paused on this frame after completion:


That's an interesting way to play the game, glad you found a way to enjoy it on your own terms.

I really like this. I've thoguht what a puzzle game would look like without challenge, and this is a great illustration of that idea. Gradually cleaning up the sprite gives the same satisfaction as watching a drive defragmenter slowly rearranging files. I wonder if starting from no-brainer and gradually adding mental effort can make an effective puzzle.

My one criticism is that some of the sprites don't stand out well against the gray background; maybe make it a bit lighter?

Thanks, interesting to hear your thoughts. Will have a look at the background colour see if there's a better one.