A downloadable game

Look, Talk & Solve is a cooperative puzzle game for 2 or more people.

Each player should only look at one of the documents (see below).

For each of the 40 puzzles you will describe what you can see and then work together to find the solution, making sure it matches the allowed letter count.

There is a variety of puzzle types in the game, with a range of difficulties to work through.

An example of play:

A team only requires one player, but there’s no reason you couldn’t have larger teams looking at each document.

If you’ve got enough players, you could form multiple teams and compete to be the fastest or most accurate if you want to.


Thanks:  Ed Naujokas, Viv Schwarz, Ricky Haggett, Mike Robinson, Josh H, Casey Middaugh, Pedro Câmara and Caio Caly.


Each player should only download the document they require or if you are printing them out to play, you should be careful not to look at the puzzles before playing.


A_Document_LookTalkSolve.pdf 9 MB
B_Document_LookTalkSolve.pdf 4 MB
Solutions_LookTalkSolve.pdf 22 kB


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Really enjoyed this, but we couldn't figure out how to get the answer for 39, please could you help me out? Even looking at the answers we couldn't figure out how you got there. Otherwise, 39/40 right! :)

Did you manage to get any of the letters for the answer?

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Yeah, we got the first and last with no problems, but the two middle ones we couldn't figure at all.

Letter 2: The B player has a picture, which refers to a picture which A has seen previously.  Letter 3: what do the answers for 30 and 11 have in common.

2: We thought that, but the letter-indicator only has 5 letters, not the 7 letters that picture refers to.

3: Two different letters.

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I think for 2 you may be looking at the wrong picture, it's the picture on A5 which has five letters? However with regards to 3 it looks like I've got a correction to make. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the feedback.

Great game !! We just played it with 3 friends (2 vs 2) and we got a score of 33/40 (English is not our native language).

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. It's even tougher when English isn't your first language.

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SPOILER Can you tell me how you're supposed to solve the third letter of the last word? In B40, the third line is _X__ and seems to refer to B33 (wrong corner) but the answer B33 does not fit into _X__. We really got stuck on that one.

It's an error in the document, I've made a change. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Sorry, if it caused an issue.