[Spacebar to Brake]


Hit the Brakes is a one-button time-trial racing game set on procedurally generated tracks created from the name you give it.


  • Enter any track name: (using letters, numbers and spaces) in order to create a track.
  • Master the track: keep racing and improving your time. 
  • Share & Compete: Take a screen shot, and share your track name and time with others in order to compete. #HitTheBrakesGame


You may need to click on the game for input to work (avoid pressing keys whilst game is loading, this sometimes causes issues).

  • Press 'enter' once you've added the name of the track.
  • Press 'space' to break.
  • Press 'c' to toggle colour.
  • Press 'esc' to reset.


Fonts used:

Sounds used:

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(41 total ratings)
AuthorDavid King Made Some Games
Made withUnity
TagsMinimalist, one-button
AccessibilityOne button


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im in love with this game


Its very fun. I could play it all day, experimenting with track names. My favorite result so far is aceg.

really nice idea, good sounds.Thanks for letting us play :-)

Great game - simple, sleek, fun and addictive. Nailed it!


It’s cool that for subsequent laps you can see where you veered off, and you’ll know to brake more/earlier.

Simple and fun; thanks for sharing. There's an impromtu 'tournament' at the Buried Tresure (buried-treasure.org/) Discord! Seed: Btreasure


Very nice! Love your work. I think this simple mechanic might have potential for becoming the base of an audio game, if you made some cues about the sharpness and distance of the curve ahead.


That's a nice idea. I'll give that some thought, thanks