Hextris: it's like Tetris but with hexagons and teleporting.

------------ DEFAULT CONTROLS ----------

Move ---  left, right and down.

Fast Drop / Teleport Drop --- Up Button.

Spin --- Z and X

------------ OPTIONS ----------

You can: 

Customise the controls, 

Turn on/off the camera shake, 

Turn on/of icons to help identify the pieces.

------------ NOTE ----------

High-score saved on game over screen.

--- POINTS ----------

  • 1 Line:  Level x 1 pt
  • 2 Lines: Level x 4 pts
  • 3 Lines:  Level x 10 pts
  • 4 Lines:  Level x 50 pts
  • Level Bonus: Level x 100pts

--- Still to do:

  • Add sound.
  • Balance speed increases.
StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorDavid King Made Some Games
Made withUnity
Tagsfalling-block, High Score, Tetris


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Cool implementation! I'm trying to make a game like this, do you mind giving a picture for all the pieces' rotation?

If you use custom controls, it seems you can't move left, right, or down.

To reproduce:

- Start a new game and pause

- Remap e.g. Left -> s, Right -> f, Down -> d

- Unpause

- Cannot move the blocks left or right

- Pause, reset the controls, and unpause

- You can move the blocks again

This issue doesn't occur for teleport, rotate left, nor rotate right

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I have found a bug...





Fast drop while the green is filled, allows you to do that and remove pieces.

So creative. new generation Tetris.

The idea is cool, an original approach to the figures. restart button is lacks at the end of session

Clicking the game over text used to work to bring you to the home screen of the game.

Interesting game and new iteration of old idea, I liked it. Would be nice to see 1 or 2-hex blocks (could be rare)

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The game is now unplayable for me, I can use the options part but can no longer start the game.

I think there's sometimes issues with the webgl implementation, where it stops reading key presses (not sure what causes it). If it is this problem that's occurring for you, I've found reloading the page, only clicking on 'play' then not pressing anything else until the game is fully loaded might help. 

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Sorry this does not work for me. 

EDIT: I found that hitting the fast drop key after clicking play starts the game

EDIT 2: Restarting the browser rather than reloading page can sometimes fix it.

Very cool take on the tetris style! Did you ever consider making the bottom of the board a "V" shape (either right-side up or upside-down)? I like the variants of pieces this lends itself to.

Deleted 2 years ago

I originally had a v shape, but it's visually difficult to track which hexagons are on which line when that line is a 'v', so I changed to the diagonal. 

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How does  the point system work? I have noticed one line is +1 and 2 is +4 but are there any other rules?


I've added more descriptions to the page.



Nice implementation. I kept mixing up drop and rotate. Would be nice to be able to configure the controls.

Thanks - will look at adding some options in  the future

Thanks so much for adding the controller options. Much more playable for me now!!!

Glad you get to enjoy it now. Out of curiosity what controls do you use? 

I made space the drop button, and use up to rotate right. I think I could get used to having two buttons to rotate, but maybe not without a controller. I don't use down, so I could have made that drop, but it feels more natural to use my other hand.

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I agree with this, I made the same mistakes at first but now I can play this and not the original! Could you also consider adding a pause button? Sometimes I need to pause the game.