Duplicate & Mutate: Bitsy is a game where the player is challenged with recreating the game they are currently playing. All the instructions for creating the game are embedded within the game itself.

Bitsy was chosen for this project as it is a relatively accessible tool that runs in browser. As a tool it has been used to create many interesting games within a limited tool set.

I have created a similar game in this series using Twine: https://dr-d-king.itch.io/duplicate-mutate-twine-2021

I have created a similar game in this series using Pen & Paper: https://dr-d-king.itch.io/duplicate-mutate-pen-paper-2021

The work was inspired by a collection of different things that have been lingering in my mind, including but not limited to.

  • Douglas Hofstadter's work on self-referential sentences.
  • My previous work in genetic algorithms.
  • Memetics.
  • Meta-games
  • Lee Sallow's Self Documenting Sentence (below) [from, Hofstadter, D.R., 1983. Metamagical Themas. Virus-like sentences and self-replicating structures.]

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AuthorDavid King Made Some Games
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, meta, metagame, Short


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it was a really fun experience :)