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this is delightful!!!

I'd really like to play it but i just get stuck at the loading screen!

Are you trying to play in the itch App or simply through your web browser? If you are playing through the App, try your usual browser.

Deleted 3 years ago

It was working at first but now it's not! It seems to try to load but dosen'r. I'm pretty sure it's just my computer tho. It isn't really meant for gaming

Sorry it's not playing properly for you, that's frustrating. 

What a fun little game!

I agree with the previous commenter that the sound really makes it great. Music plus character reactions plus the perfect paint mixing sound effect equals win!

addicting. 8/10


Fun game, you should add a score counter! :D


what a fantastic game! the perfect game to lose myself in for 15 minutes, thank you so much!


Glad you enjoyed it. My favourite moment was when your disappointed reaction matched the character's reaction.

Bloody love this

Thank you for this, hahaha. It's very pure and I dig that about it. The difficulty curve is kind of inconsistent, but as a small experiment this is really well done.  :)


The sound effects make this