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Hah, that was good fun.  One minor bug - towards the end there was a section where the voiceover told me to go right, but there was nothing new to do there, & I actually needed to go left to progress.

Great twist, lovely little game!

Loved the concept! 

The twist at the end is really great !

One of the reasons is that it can change your life forever !

Wow, I loved the twist

Very fun and clever! 

wow amazing game, loved it

Voice works well with the ambient sounds and the section where they follow you around. 


Great voice record =) A perfect sample of AI design, level-design and a twist ending.

Very fun :)

Controls felt a little weird, but the idea is awesome

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The surprise at the end got a giggle out of me. Then I looked in the description and, really, you shouldn't telegraph the ending in the game description. The the players experience the surprise for themselves. The signs of the exhibition are perfect as they are.

Also, some of the pathfinding algorithms are make my computer go up in a volcanic eruption. Probably should optimize them.

Amazing and fun! Loved it