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Very interesting! I love it. :)


I love how the design forces you to think things through before acting and how easy to read (but hard to complete) the levels are. Thank you for sharing this awesome game.


I thought to myself this game reminded me of "David King Made Some Games" games, and then was about to press the "Follow" button. Well, if it were possible I'd follow you twice I suppose.

Glad you're enjoying it

Did you change the volumes? Up sound is more quiet than the empty beat. I am curious if you swap their places and have the empty beat be quiet, will it reduce the induced anxiety?

Graphics wise I would enjoy some sort of a grid or a tilemap that will show more clearly if I need 5 steps or 6 steps in the same direction towards then (level 3)

The difficulty curve could use some smoothing.


  • LVL3 requires an additional step every loop after the 2nd one;
  • LVL4 requires 1 additional step on the 2nd loop only;
  • This makes LVL4 more easy than LVL3
  • LVL5 requires 2 skills: a) adding a beat every loop and b) leaving a gap in your loop which you can fill in later;

I suggest that you swap the places of LVL3 and LVL4.

I want to say that you need one more level before LVL5 to introduce the skill "gap planning" individually, but I can't imagine how that would look like.





Thanks, this is really helpful feedback.

I like the idea. But it is really hard most of the times!

This is really fun, but the pressure needs to be toned down a little. The Understanding -> Execution barrier is high enough to stress me, and the fact that you don't always see the whole puzzle can be frustrating. I would suggest putting the beat on hold when you're on a yellow circle, and having a "zen" option where you don't need to worry about timing (have a "wait" button to skip a beat that hasn't been chosen yet). But that's just my perspective. Regardless, hoping for more!

Thanks, I've added an option to reduce the speed.

This makes me very anxious


so creative, felt like it stretched my brain! I also wish that we could see the whole path before starting (maybe make the screen draggable?) but I enjoyed it a lot!

Thanks, I've updated the camera.


WOW this gives me very mixed feelings. I spent so much time on levels 7&8, I started having doubts in my mental capacity.

When I concentrate on finding the repeating geometrical shapes - each level becomes easy to solve. The ticking sound and timing puts pressure which makes me fail multiple times even after I have the correct idea.

It is difficult for me to make a plan without seeing the whole path to the next checkpoint. I also can't help but see as a failure every return to the starting point. These 2 ideas translate into a guaranteed minimum amount of frustration when a level extends outside of the screen.

I both love it and I hate it.

Looking forward to feel stupid again!

Thanks for the feedback, I updated the camera.


Very clever idea,  the rhythm element really gives the puzzles urgency!