Single screen multiplayer kite fighting game, for up to four players.

Take control of your kite and cut the tails of the other players' kites. The longer your tail, the more points you score.

To start the game select the keys you would like to use to control your kite and when each player has a kite press return.

Hints and Tips:

  • The lower your kite is on the screen the faster it will go.
  • Kites will crash and lose their tail if they hit the bottom.
  • Kites that disappear off the side of the screen will come back on the other side.
  • The kite that has the highest points will glow white.
  • The longer your tail the more points you will score when chopping off another kites tail.

If you find any issues please let me know, this game is still in development.


  • None known.

Resolve Issues:

  • Issue 1: Not all collisions are detected. (Resolved)
  • Issue 2: Controls feel 'rubbery'. (Updated controls, requires testing)
  • Issue 3: Unclear who is the current leader.(Leader has glowing tail)
  • Issue 4: Unclear that points are attained based on tail length.(points shown increasing along tail length)
  • Issue 5: The points scored are not clear to players at a glance. (leading player glows)
  • Issue 6: Game instructions are not clear. (added additional text to give hint)